Deconstructing Fashion: The Social Collective x Alice + Whittles

We often look to fashion as a means of expression — a reflection of identity, individually or as part of a broader community. What happens when we unpack the meaning behind the fashion and delve more deeply into the world that lies beyond the product and its aesthetics?

On November 2nd, arts and culture forum The Social Collective hosted an intimate evening of conversation and charcuterie at The Soho House in Toronto with sustainable lifestyle company Alice + Whittles.

Topics ranged from the role of fashion and designers, sustainability, fast-fashion, and the humble beginnings of A + W that splits its time between here in Toronto, and Geneva, Switzerland.

Alice + Whittles is headed by husband and wife team Nicholas Horekens and Sofi Khwaja. The two were UN Relief workers who met on the front line.

Sofi Khwaja and Nicholas Horekens

Starting a fashion label after spending time saving lives (literally) may not have been the logical next step, but to the two, it made all the sense in the world. Their time overseas actually did more to inform their choices when it came to how they would run their company and the impact the company would make in the world, than not.

And what is it that Alice + Whittles chose to manufacture?

Rain boots.

Fashionable, fun, dependable rain boots.

Founded in 2013, A + W designs with form and function, producing modern silhouettes. All materials are natural, vegan, sustainably harvested and organic where possible.

Many thanks to The Social Collective and The Soho House for having us. The next event cannot come soon enough.





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