Nuvango Presents: Hardly Minimal

What do you get when you combine three of the city’s most experimental artists, and one the most popular art galleries on Queen West?

Hardly Minimal at Nuvango of course.

Hardly minimal is an art show curated by artists CEK (@IL_CEK), M. Guido (@MathewGuido), and C. Corriore (@ChrisCorridore). The latter two make up Toronto duo Two of Wands (tarot, anyone?).

The best thing about this exhibit is the various mediums showcased. CEK uses concrete, Guido, photography, and Corridore is a phenomenal digital artist.

Hardly Minimal is described by the folks at Nuvango as:

An interdisciplinary group show which encompasses an array of innovative sculptureal forms and industrial designs by CEK, Black & White portraits by the magician of light Mathew Guido and Chris Corridore’s “The Hunt” a series of fantastical figures.

The show opens on November 10th and runs until November 13th. It is gorgeous, dark, and moody, and not to be missed. If you’re able, be sure to go to the closing reception to meet the artists and enjoy some food and bubbly.

Now, take a look at some very minimal video below.

Nuvango is located at 639 Queen St. West. To check them out online, visit







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