Guys. GUYS!!! Justin Bua is coming!!

And we’re not going (insert mad/sad/annoyed face and 2 thumbs down here).

If you grew up in the golden age of Hip Hop (sorry guys, it’s not now), or love graffiti culture this is a very, VERY big deal. An entire generation grew up on the art of BUA (how he is affectionately referred) that depicted musicians, DJs, breakers and the like, at work against gritty urban landscapes. His work is fluid, familiar, and reminiscent of a very different time.  I assure you that if you have any DJ or graffiti artist friends, they have BUA hanging somewhere in their home, studio, or workspace.

BUA’s visit generously includes a show, art lecture, and drawing seminar from the man himself (lucky lucky), and will be held at everyone’s favourite gallery, Nuvango.

Further information is in the photo above.

See below for images of some BUA originals:

Justin Bua

See more of BUA’s work, and learn more about this legendary artists here: http://www.justinbua.com


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