Parisian Illustrator Nicholle Kobi Comes to Toronto

Nicholle Kobi is our homegirl.

Now that we’ve met, we’ll probably be friends forever.

In our dreams maybe, but it could happen.

Nicholle Kobi creates illustrations of Black women, and does this beautifully.

black_girls_friday_petit_largeThese women aren’t doing anything spectacular. They’re combing their hair, drinking coffee, going for walks, being friends, being mothers and lovers – but when Kobi portrays them doing these things, there’s something about them that makes them seem extraordinary and their actions aspirational.


None of the women are real, of course, but so many who have come in contact with them, want to be them.

Strange. Yes, we know.

Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe Kobi is simply portraying every woman. Maybe we don’t necessarily want to be these women, but we already are these women and it’s just very refreshing to see them represented.

For these reasons, and more, it was imperative to attend Kobi’s event on November 12th at Le Germain hotel in Toronto.

The event was a part of the Sprung Art Series that also took Kobi to Montreal to showcase her work there.


Kobi was every bit as gracious as expected, and her work that depicted Black women of various hues with various hair textures doing regular, everyday things, but looking fabulous while doing them were for sale. Music was provided by Toronto’s DJ Lissa Monet and signature drinks were flowing.

Kobi was told we’ll see her again in Paris sometime very soon.


To see more of Kobi’s work, visit her Instagram page @nichollekobi


Nicholle Kobi and host


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