Bad Girls Do it Well – “Bad Beti” by Babbu the Painter & HateCopy

Happy happy happy new year everyone! It’s been a while, but we are definitely back, bringing you some of the most amazing creative works from Toronto, and around the world.
We saved this post until this year because Bad Beti by artists Babbu the Painter (Babneet Lakhesar) and HateCopy (Maria Qamar) was one of our favourite exhibits of 2016. Also, what better way to kick the new year off than with representations of strong, independent women?
So – what is a Bad Beti? Well, beti in Hindi means daughter. With that comes all of the ideas of girlhood i.e. being good, obedient, docile, cooking, crying, liking pink, liking frills, and all the other stereotypically “girly” things we can all think of (insert eye rolls here).
A bad beti then would literally be a bad daughter; the woman who doesn’t listen, does what she wants, may drink, may smoke, may curse, may not – God forbid – take husband (clutch my pearls). She just is who she is, unapologetically.
From HYFN Magazine:

Our perspective on what makes a Bad Beti is simply that we support those who decide to own their decisions and live their lives how it feels right to them. This is unique to each person. A bad beti is a good beti is a beti.

Although rooted in Desi culture and the complexities that come with that in North America (one of HateCopy’s Lichtenstein-esque paintings is of a white man saying “Namaste” to an annoyed Desi woman), the exhibit was an ode to women everywhere and we loved it.
Take a look at the teaser below that was created for the exhibit along with some shots and a video from the show:
The Bad Beti closing show was also the last show before Nuvango closed their Queen St. doors for good and moved their operation online.  Thank you, Nuvango for the many years of goodness.

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