Kenzo x Kahlil = Music is my Mistress

“One must have the mad belief that anything is possible – you have to be mad to the point of being irresponsible”

These are the words at the end of the Kenzo short film, Music is my Mistress shot by Kahlil Joseph (of Beyonce’s visual album Lemonade), starring Tracee Ellis Ross, Jesse Williams and musician Kelsey Lu.  The words are from late Senegalese film director, Djibril Diop Mambéty – quite the motivational statement, isn’t it?
For the past few years, Kenzo has become known for their fashion films being amongst the best of the fashion season.  As usual, the film’s stars are decked out in the brand, this time modelling fits from their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign. Our absolute favourite look is Lu’s jumper shown in the image above. That would be worn on many warm nights out.

Images from Kenzo’s SS17 Campaign

Shot in the city and in beautifully designed living spaces, the film follows Williams as he searches for Ross’s character, described only as African royalty. Royalty or not, Ross has been banned from the country – a not so subtle reference to America’s proposed travel ban of which both Ross and Williams have been extremely vocal about not supporting.
Interspersed with music throughout, there are references to Miles Davis, and Duke Ellington (who has an autobiography of the same name), and features a rapper who just stays rapping. Watch it for the fashion, watch it for the statements, watch it because you’re a fan of everyone involved. Regardless, enjoy – and maybe look up some of Kenzo’s past work.


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